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All year long Kyle Hunter Sports Picks were right on the mark when it came to making the best baseball picks! I finished the season as the #1 ranked MLB handicapper in the world! If you had wagered $1,000 on every play of mine during the year, you would be up $34,330 in 2010 alone! Now I’m offering my MLB Playoff All Access Pass for just $149.99. Get every single MLB pick I make from now through the final game of the World Series in this subscription and save a bundle of cash, while taking it to the books! Now let’s take a look at the World Series odds and who is expected to win it all this year.

MLB Odds to Win World Series(Odds from BetUS)

National League-

Philadelphia Phillies (+225)- The Phillies definitely have the best three man rotation in the playoffs and you could make a solid argument that they also have the best lineup in baseball as well. They definitely deserve to be the favorite.

San Francisco Giants (+900)- The Giants are built around a great pitching staff, but they don’t have the hitters some other squads have. Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, and Bumgarner make a great four man rotation! This is a team I think has some dark horse potential.

Atlanta Braves (+1400)- The Braves clinched on the final day, and they are looking to send Bobby Cox out a winner. This team will be missing Chipper Jones and Martin Prado, and they lack the punch to win it all.

Cincinnat Reds (+1600)- The Reds are in the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. They get the unfortunate task of trying to beat the Phillies in round one. The lack of an ace hurts this team quite a bit. This is a very solid young team that could make more noise in the next few years.

American League

New York Yankees (+300)- The Yankees don’t have the pitching they’d like to have at this point, but they still have a thunderous lineup that could carry them all the way. They have the experience it takes to win it all.

Tampa Bay Rays (+300)- The Rays have a solid young nucleus, but I am worried that Longoria isn’t healthy and their rotation is in a state of flux after David Price.

Minnesota Twins (+900)- The Twins know how to win, but they also lack an ace right now. Joe Mauer will have to produce in a big way for them to advance.

Texas Rangers (+1200)- Cliff Lee is a great ace to have and the Rangers will be dangerous. Can Josh Hamilton get healthy enough to contribute in a big way? The Rangers need a healthy Hamilton to make a deep run.

MLB World Series Predictions:

I really think that Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels are an amazing trio of pitchers that will likely carry the Phillies all the way through the playoffs. If the Phillies can avoid a big offensive slump, I believe they’ll win it. At +240 I would take the Phillies to win it all. 

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