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It’s the fourth edition of the Hunter Sports Picks Betting Breakdown. In this episode, we’re talking both¬† week three college football and week two NFL action. We start things off with a notice about my College Football Game of the Year which goes this Saturday afternoon. I’m 4-0 all- time on Game of the Year selections. We then recap what happened last week and look at some betting nuggets that will help you stay ahead of the books. Click play below to listen to this week’s show.

College Football Rapid Recap (1:28)

The SEC had a really rough week. Arkansas fell to a MAC school (Toledo) at home. Auburn managed to escape against Jacksonville State, but the Tigers have some major question marks right now. What’s going on at Arkansas and Auburn? I give some insight on the show.

Oklahoma won at Tennessee and Michigan State won a good game at home against Oregon. The Volunteers are going to have a hard time getting past their loss this past Saturday.

I also touch on LSU and BYU in this segment. Is LSU’s conservative game plan the right move? Can BYU continue to pull off last minute wins?

College Football Betting Bulletpoints (4:14)

A fascinating statistic about how home teams have done vs. road teams ATS in college football this year. This is one you won’t want to miss. I’ve got some advice for bettors to find extra value here. What about favorites vs. underdogs? There’s been a strong edge for favorites (55.13%) covering this year so far. Do I think that will continue? Tune in to find out!

In this section of the show I also point out a few very misleading scores from last week’s games. These are really important to consider on a weekly basis. The final score can be extremely misleading. It’s important to dig deeper and look at more predictive statistics.

Justin Holman (UCF QB) and Jaquez Johnson (Florida Atlantic QB) were the two injuries mentioned during this segment. What kind of impact will these injuries have?

Game Breakdown: Mississippi at Alabama

A closer look at the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. Both teams have played well in their first two games. Is Chad Kelly a big upgrade at quarterback for the Rebels? Can Alabama’s defensive line overpower Mississippi? I don’t have a premium play on this game, but I do have a lean here and I give it away for free inside the podcast.

NFL Rapid Recap (12:40)

Who impressed me the most in week one? The Buffalo Bills. This defense is scary good and if Tyrod Taylor continues to play well, Buffalo can do some major damage.

What happened at the end of the Giants/Cowboys tussle on Sunday night? It was a real mess.

Marcus Mariota outplayed Jameis Winston in week one and the 49ers surprised a lot of people by beating down Minnesota. What do I think about totals in the 49ers games?

NFL Betting Bulletpoints (14:35)

The Denver Broncos are a totally different team than they have been in recent years. Bettors need to change their views about this team. What’s the difference? Find out inside.

Tyler Eifert has the potential to be a real weapon for the Bengals offense at tight end.

Don’t forget about the new extra point rule. This will absolutely play a role in several games throughout the year. Handicapping kickers is now more important!

What do I have to say about overreactions in week two and finding value? This is probably the most important point of the entire show.

NFL Game Breakdown (16:35) Seattle at Green Bay

What more could you ask for? This is an amazing Sunday night game. Seattle is ticked off after losing last week at St. Louis. Green Bay is always tough to beat at home. Who has the edge in this one? I’m not making a bet here, but I do think this is a game where bettors can learn a lot. Which offensive line can hold up? That will be a big key.

Exclusive Podcast Free Pick (19:00)

Last week’s play cashed in comfortably. We look to make it 2-0 with this week’s free pick. This time around it is an NFL play. Listen to the podcast to find out the play.

At the end of the show, I mention both my College Football Game of the Year as well as an amazing special. I’m offering a month of my picks for just $1 so you can test the waters. To find out how to qualify, simply email me at or message me on twitter @kylehunterpicks.

Be sure to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or on Stitcher. Thanks for listening and good luck this weekend!


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