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Episode number nine of the Hunter Sports Picks Betting Breakdown is here. We are discussing week 8 college football and week 7 NFL action.

College Football Rapid Recap (1:30)

A look back at the most important things that happened in week 7 of the college football slate. There were a ton of marquee matchups. I give you my thoughts on several of those games.

What happened in Ann Arbor last week? It’s hard to even fathom something like that. How will Jim Harbaugh’s team do the rest of the year?

Alabama punched Texas A&M in the mouth and they couldn’t respond last week. Look for Kyler Murray to get more playing time at QB for the Aggies.

Ohio State played their best football of the year last weekend. It’s J.T. Barrett time now. I was impressed with Saquon Barkley from Penn State though, keep an eye on him in the future!

Iowa and Stanford both totally dominated on the line of scrimmage last weekend. Those offensive lines are nothing short of tremendous.

What does the Memphis win over Mississippi say about both of those programs? I’ll tell you what I think.

College Football Betting Bulletpoints (8:25)

A few key injury notes. These are injuries you want to follow through the week, and I suggest not betting these games until you know the status of these key players.

The over went a huge 37-19 last week. For the year, the over has cashed 227 times and the under 224 times.

Not all stats are created equal, and I show you a good example of that in this segment.

How about red zone success and failure? I take a look at both sides of this.

College Football Game Breakdown (13:40)

Utah at USC- Here is a VERY interesting line. It’s one that looks extremely fishy to me. What do I suggest you do with this one? Tune in and find out!

NFL Rapid Recap (17:00)

Was last week’s Panthers win over the Seahawks more about Carolina rising or Seattle falling? It’s tough to say, but Seattle has their backs against the wall now.

Which unit do I say needs to start getting some respect? The Philadelphia Eagles defense. They’ve been the best unit in the NFC East, and they are still underrated.

Arizona has one red flag for me. Find out what it is inside. Still, I like this Cardinals team as a whole, and they can be contenders.

Miami broke out in a big way and showed they had no respect for Joe Philbin.

The Colts performance wasn’t bad against the Patriots, except for that fake punt. What was that anyways?!

NFL Betting Bulletpoints (20:14)

Some very interesting trends on over/unders as well as favorites vs. underdogs. These are numbers you don’t want to miss.

Looking for a good spot to play against some of the best teams in the NFL? I’ve got the spot to look for.

San Diego is first in the NFL in total offense, but they sit at 2-4 on the year

The Cleveland Browns rushing defense is awful. This is a team to look to fade when they are playing a team with a strong running game.

NFL Game Breakdown (22:25)

I’m talking Houston at Miami. Can Houston beat the best teams in the league? Can Miami sustain their effort from last week. I let you know which way I lean in this one.

Listener Question on Parlays (23:48)

What do I think of parlays overall? What about correlated parlays specifically? I give you in-depth thoughts on parlays and when to use them and when not to. Also, I include some thoughts on teasers here. Great question and I hope this answer helps everyone!

Exclusive Podcast Pick (28:00)

College football totals are my specialty and I’ve got a nice under the radar totals play here.

Closing (28:30)

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