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The fifth episode of the Hunter Sports Picks Betting Breakdown is here. In this episode, we’re talking both  week four college football and week three NFL action. My College Football Game of the Year cashed in last week and I’m now 5-0 all-time on Game of the Year plays!

College Football Rapid Recap (1:30)

I take a look at several of the top teams who are struggling right now. Teams like Ohio State, Arkansas, and Alabama. Which teams should you be concerned about? Which teams should be ok in the long run?

There’s a team in a bad scheduling spot for this weekend. They are coming off a tough loss last week and traveling to a tough place to play this weekend. Who is the team? Listen to the show and find out.

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College Football Betting Bulletpoints (4:50)

A follow up to how the home/away and favorite/underdog split has gone. Things finally started to correct themselves this past weekend.

Notre Dame’s injury problems are getting out of control. Can the Fighting Irish continue to win? They’re a good team, but less depth always hurts in some way.

Which team may be playing with their third string quarterback this weekend?

Cincinnati is dead last in the nation in turnover margin. Gunner Kiel is unlikely to play on Thursday night against Memphis due to a concussion. How will this change things for the Bearcats?

Who has the number one passing offense in the country? Bowling Green, and it isn’t even close.

Texas A&M’s more aggressive defense is paying off so far under John Chavis.

Northwestern’s defense is doing some special things. Tune in to hear about a couple amazing statistics about this team so far this season.

Game Breakdown (8:48)

A closer look at USC vs. Arizona State. This is a late night game at Arizona State. USC is looking to bounce back from an ugly loss at home to Stanford last week. Arizona State hasn’t played well so far this year, but they are a good home team. Which team do I think has the edge? Listen and find out!

NFL Rapid Recap (11:38)

New England put to rest the thought that Rex Ryan has the game plan to shut down their offense. Is this Patriots offense this good?

It’s time to re-evaluate the New Orleans Saints. I have a bold statement about them.

What to make of the Philadelphia Eagles? Chip Kelly is taking a bunch of heat right now.

I have an important note about rookie quarterbacks in the NFL. As a bettor, what should you do with rookies in the NFL? Listen in and find out.

NFL Betting Bulletpoints (13:40)

I have two teams in this segment that I’m looking to play overs with going forward. Which teams are they? Tune in and find out.

A look at the favorite/dog splits in the NFL.

Please check the weather before betting on any game in the NFL. This is too important to miss.

NFL Game Breakdown (15:55)

A closer look at the Bills vs. Dolphins game in Miami this weekend. These are two teams who are expected to be fighting for a playoff berth. Both of them are coming off a disappointing weekend last week though. Who can bounce back and what will the keys to this game be?

Exclusive Podcast Free Pick (17:20)

An exclusive free pick for podcast listeners. This one is a college football total, and totals are my specialty. Tune in and get this free pick.

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